Apply a selective blur

Photoshop CS5 tutorial : How to apply a selective blur on a photo. In short, we will work with the layer mask to control the blur effect on our photo. In this tutorial we will import a photo, then duplicate, blur and control it with clean and simple tools.

Software: Photoshop CS5
Skill level: Beginner
Time of tutorial: 10 min approx.

Step ONE
Import your photo in Photoshop: File -) Open.


Step TWO
Duplicate your photo in another layer. Left click on your layer (bottom right of the screen), then duplicate the layer.


Apply a Gaussian blur to your layer: filter -) Blur -) Gaussian blur.


Create a layer mask of your layer. Select your layer and then press the mask icon (square with a white circle inside it)


Use the gradient tool to clear the blur in the picture. When painting in black on the mask, the strokes will simply erase the effect on the picture. To reapply the blur effect simply paint in white on the mask.


Final image


The Gradient tool trick didn't work for me. I had to use the blur tool to get it to look how I wanted.

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